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Friday, June 6, 2014

28mm Old Glory Roman Legionaries in segmented armour

These are Old Glory figures. You can buy them dead cheap in a packet of 30 with the Old Glory Army card. These shields are hand painted. Don't do it! It took far longer than painting the actual figure. I am on the look out for shield transfers for the other units.



  1. Hand-painted shield!?! No way! Amazing work. When I first saw the images, I wondered what decals/transfers you used to fit OG. Superbly done, Sir!

    1. I thought the same thing. I thought they were decals. I can imagine they took a long time to paint! Great work!

    2. Painting the shields took three times the length of time it took to paint the figures. Those people who invented the shield transfer were on to a good thing.

      I'm on the look out for transfers for the other nine units!

    3. Hand painting those shields is astonishing, I thought they were transfers, too. Very well done!

  2. Outstanding work, especially with the shields!