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Thursday, March 30, 2017

28mm Ancient British Warriors (Warlord Games)

These are 28mm Ancient British Warriors from Warlord Games. Painting each figure takes almost double the time I take to paint a Napoleonic figure. Luckily most of the shields are done with shield transfer. I still have a lot of Old Glory Ancients hanging around because I don't have transfers for them and the shields are too much hassle to paint. I'll have to find compatible shield transfers from somewhere else. Probably LBM have something that will work.

There are no transfers for the body paint! Luckily, you don't need as many units for playing ancients. Those take quite a bit of time.

These models are in the "Hail Caesar" range.

I photographed each group of five figures, front and back. Apologies for the verbosity. There is a lot to see. [Edit, then I went back and photographed some singles.]

Sunday, March 19, 2017

6mm Napoleonic French "Animated" French line infantry

Baccus miniatures make these. I painted them up with highlights, which I don't normally bother with for 6mm.

15mm British 79th Highlanders and Luneberg Hanoverians

Blue Moon 15mm figures are very detailed. They are on a par with AB. I have painted these British Highlanders and some British Peninsula infantry painted as Hanoverians.

Here are the Hanoverians.  I don't stock Belgic Shako for 15mm, so I did them in the Peninsula Shako. 

15mm Napoleonic Hanoverian Luneberg infantry