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Saturday, October 31, 2015

28mm King's Troop Toy Town Royal Horse artillery

I bought a big box of "toy town" type figures from Eureka miniatures which I have slowly been painting up.

General: "Dem Frenchies is coming on in the same old style. Bring up your battery, Ramsay!"

Captain Ramsay: "Sah!"

"King's troop, move out!"

"Open fah!"

"Well done, lads, back home for tea and medals"

Monday, October 12, 2015

28mm Napoleonic Front Rank cavalry: Dutchy of Warsaw, French, Russian

Here are some of the Front Rank Napoleonic cavalry which I recently finished. I painted these to sell. Often I do this and then decide that I can't part with the figures. This time I deliberately bought them in unit sizes I don't use. I will have to see if this helps me part with them!

Dutchy of Warsaw 1st Chasseurs a Cheval

 French 20th Dragoons 
 French Carabinier
 Russian Guard Cossacks
 Russian Military Order Cuirassier
 Russian Ekaterinoslav Cuirassier
 Russian Novogorod Cuirassier
 Russian Pskov Dragoons
 Russian St Petersberg Dragoons

Dave Allsop figures French line infantry painted as 94th, 95th and 112th line

I have some figures from the late, great, Dave Allsop. Dave worked on a range of French, Austrian and Russian figures before his untimely death in the United States. These are some of the French figures. The figures have separate heads and many different heads to use. In addition to Dave's heads, I used quite a few from my "swap box" to add variety.

I don't think you can get these figures any more. The fit in quite nicely with the likes of Bicorne and Firing line.