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Monday, February 28, 2011

10mm Seven Years War Prussians for Pendrakens competition

These are my entries for Pendraken's painting competition. It is surprising what can be done with 10mm miniatures. These figures are far more detailed than some of the 15mm castings of yesteryear (if there is such a word.)

Everything is based on 0.8mm thick formica. I bought the material in an 8 feet by 4 feet sheet. It is intended for laminating desks, tables, etc. In sizes of up to a couple of inches square, it is very rigid. It doesn't warp, and you can cut it with scissors.

All the flags are hand painted.

These are the famous 5th "Brandenburg" Cuirassier.

The Prussian 5th Black" or "Death Hussars". A 'must have' for all budding Fredericks.

King Frederick William, of Prussia, had a big fetish for big men. He accumulated two and a half thousand large men, most over six feet tall, and some more than seven, by any means, including kidnapping. When Frederick the Great (Frederick the second) ascended to the throne he reformed the late King's beloved Lieb-Grenadier regiment into a single Grenadier Guard battalion. This is a depiction of that battalion.

A twelve pounder Prussian artillery piece & crew.

This is the 40th Infantry Regiment, a Fusilier regiment, from the Prussian army of Seven Years War. I think they were uniformed on the same principle laid out in Johnny Cash's song "A boy named sue." Wearing this sort of clobber turns you into a hard man after one visit to the local pub ;-)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

10mm TB line miniatures Warmaster Ancients (WMA)

When they aren't busy making Bond girls, the Italians turn their hand to expertly crafting fine 10mm figures. These figures are from Tridente Bologna's TB line miniatures. They are Central European Peasants with bow (TB4180). I have them based for Warmaster Ancients, to play the WMA Medieval supplement. I've painted eight units but only took pictures of a couple of units as the only difference between units is the tabbard colours.

I have many, many, more units in the pipeline. Actually, I think I have everything 10mm Medieval miniature they sell. I have some more peasants, with various weapons, close to completion and Teutonic knights that almost ready.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Glory 28mm 1st edition Bavarian infantry

I haven't posted in a while. This is my opening salvo for the new year. I have finished thirteen battalions of Bavarian infantry: ten line and three light. Each unit is 36 men strong. This should be enough Bavarian infantry to be going on with. Actually, I have enough castings for a few more units. I am thinking of painting one as Baden infantry.
The figures are full of character. People who like Front Rank probably hate them.