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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Glory 28mm 1st edition Bavarian infantry

I haven't posted in a while. This is my opening salvo for the new year. I have finished thirteen battalions of Bavarian infantry: ten line and three light. Each unit is 36 men strong. This should be enough Bavarian infantry to be going on with. Actually, I have enough castings for a few more units. I am thinking of painting one as Baden infantry.
The figures are full of character. People who like Front Rank probably hate them.


  1. they certainly look like they are some of the nicest figures in the Old Glory 1st ed line. I like both front rank and the better Old glory stuff.

  2. There are lots of nice things in the OG range. These are really handy because there aren't that many options for Bavarians. Front Rank are really big, and static, and not suitable for some people's collections. Connoisseur are pretty basic and work out expensive, at a pound per figure, compared to OG when you get the 40% OG army card discount.

  3. Nice, very animated characters