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Saturday, August 27, 2016

28mm Napoleonic Baden Guard du Corps (Connoisseur miniatures)

Connoisseur don't have trumpeters for a lot of their cavalry. I had to make this one, as usual, with wire, araldite and green stuff for the trumpet. The sleeve chevrons and chest lace is green stuff.

An unusual unit. Few people get them onto the table top.

28mm Napoleonic conversion of Saxon Guard du Corps trooper to French Carabinier trumpeter

Connoisseur don't do a trumpeter for their French Carabiniers. So you have to make them yourself, like they did in olden times. It was easiest for me to choose a Saxon Guard du Corps trooper and then convert him. If I had used a Carabinier trooper I would have to file off the Cuirass. For the Saxon, I had to change the plume and saddle work. Then a trumpet had to be made. Here you can see the WIP. The figures are actually all painted now and in the process of being based. I just remembered I took these photos. Je vous présente...
Conversion work

28mm Napoleonic Saxon Prinz Johann Cheveauleger

There are no trumpeters in the Connoisseur range for these figures, so they have to be adapted from troopers using wire, araldite, green stuff to make trumpets and "shoulder pads." The Russian campaign was very hard on the Saxon Light Cavalry. Only 28 officers and men from this regiment returned. The other regiments were not so "lucky." Most were captured at Berezina. Those captured generally did not make it home.
Saxon Prinz Johann Cheveauleger

Thursday, August 25, 2016

28mm Napoleonic Baden Hussars (Bicorne miniatures)

Here are the heroes of Berezina. They held off the Russians while the rest of the Grand Armee escaped. Only 50 men lived to return to Baden. The figures are from Bicorne. There is no trumpeter in the range, so I had to make one from a trooper, using wire and araldite.

28mm WW2 Germans (Crusader miniatures)

I have a soft spot for these Crusader minis. Sorry that some of the snaps are a bit out of focus.