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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

28mm WW2 Italian Paracadutisti

Here are some more 28mm WW2 Italian Paracadutisti. I painted some earlier, which you can see on this blog, in a darker camouflage scheme. I still have one more set to paint. I will paint those in another scheme.  Finally I will mix them all up for variety and because the first pattern was accurate but too dark for miniatures.

The miniatures are from Warlord Games.


28mm Napoleonic Elite Russians and Perry Prussians

Here are four battalions of Elite miniatures Russian line infantry, grenadiers and Jaegers. They are in the "advancing" pose. I expected them to be advancing with their muskets at the slope, so I only bought a few, thinking they would be a pain to base. But it turns out they are as easy to base as those in the march attack pose.

Now we come to the Perry plastic Prussian line infantry. I have already painted one unit, which is in the archive for this blog. The sets come with 40 line figures and 6 volunteer jaegers. So you have enough to make up units for  the popular "big battalion" rules.