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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ride of the Valkyries in 15mm

I'm painting a huge Vietnam Commission for a customer. Here are some of the eighteen helicopters in the order. I didn't get all the decals, which were forgotten when the order was posted to me. So you will see that some helicopters are "bare". The Helicopters are from Battlefront.

The gun ship's sharks teeth were hand painted as Battlefront's transfers are hopeless.

Where there are markings on helicopters, they are for the the 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion which famously supported elements of the 7th cavalry at LZ Xray. Battlefront probably decided to offer these decals due to the popularity of the film "We were soldiers" which depicted events of that battle.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Command Decision 15mm Panther tanks

I've actually painted, and repainted, these tanks a few times. I gave up on my harder and Steenbeck airbrushes (two!) and ordered an Iwata. After fooling around with the Iwata I got terrible results until I realised that the nozzle was clogged. Doh!

This present incarnation of my tank tactics has the vehicles base coated, then ink washed, and then "highlighted" in parts again with the base colour, which is desert yellow in this case. The over sprayed camouflage colours were sprayed quite faintly (except on tank A where the brown came out a bit heavy) as this is what I've seen from most period photography. This could have been as a result of wear and tear.

I've lettered the tanks to make commenting easier. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Italeri Roman infantry (set number 6021)

There are many nice, and very cheap, plastics sets on the market. I've painted this set of Romans for someone in Australia

The building in the background was there so I could check the colour balance for the camera. I broke my Canon SLR camera, which will take months to get fixed, and have had to use my "holiday" camera. After a lot of experimentation I managed to get some decent pictures. At least the colours in the photograph are an accurate reflection of the colours on the figures.