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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Command Decision 15mm Panther tanks

I've actually painted, and repainted, these tanks a few times. I gave up on my harder and Steenbeck airbrushes (two!) and ordered an Iwata. After fooling around with the Iwata I got terrible results until I realised that the nozzle was clogged. Doh!

This present incarnation of my tank tactics has the vehicles base coated, then ink washed, and then "highlighted" in parts again with the base colour, which is desert yellow in this case. The over sprayed camouflage colours were sprayed quite faintly (except on tank A where the brown came out a bit heavy) as this is what I've seen from most period photography. This could have been as a result of wear and tear.

I've lettered the tanks to make commenting easier. Any thoughts?


  1. some quick comments from a TMPer...

    The castings problem on the turret is not so evident, I am betting it will not cause in game problems.

    I like the camo scheme, but I find the tanks are a bit too flat, no details no shading and no deep. In the end despite a very well executed camo scheme the tanks are uhm, (I am not so sure of the word, remember english is my forced second language...) dull.

    I would have used a different color for the trunk carried on the back (brown with some drybrishing, usually if the tank has a yellowish base I use vallejo hull brown drybrushed with cavalry brown for the trunks). Also the same approach cne be used on the wooden part of the tools carried.

    Finally I would have used a bit of sepia or black ink to detail the panels on the engine decks and to border the hatches and the embossures in the fron fenders.

  2. I reckon a MIG dark wash would do wonders, as they are a little one dimensional at the moment.