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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

28mm Napoleonic Spanish Walloon Guard

These are the Spanish Walloon Guard. I love their bell top shakos. They stand out from the rest of the Spanish army.

The metal figures are from the illimitable Doug Mason. These are unique castings.

At the end I have a few Dutchy of Warsaw skirmishers (Elite miniatures).

Monday, December 5, 2016

28mm Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Grenadiers and Chasseurs (Victrix miniatures)

These Victrix figures paint up nicely. They kits are cheap compared to metals. I wonder how many wargamers have been able to realise their dream armies because the plastics companies produced these lovely miniatures?

These are the Chasseurs and Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard. There are four battalions; two of each; one firing and one marching.

Marching Grenadiers

Firing Chasseurs

Marching Chasseurs

Firing Grenadiers

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

30mm War of the Austrian Succession Prussian Wartenberg Hussars (Spencer Smiths)

I am a sucker for a pretty uniform. I think white looks lovely when contrasted with other colours. That is why I chose to paint the Prussian Wartenberg Hussars.
The Kronoskaf web site is a nice resource to research 7YW regiment's uniforms and history. The history of a regiment often spans earlier and later periods. Here are the details of this regiment's history.
The first 5 squadrons of the regiment were raised in 1740 from 2 squadrons contributed by the 1st Hussar and from new recruits under the command of Colonel Friedrich Asmas von Bandemer.
In 1742, the regiment was completed up to 10 squadrons. 
During the War of the Austrian Succession, soon after its creation in 1740, the regiment went into action. On August 1, it was ambushed at Kloster Leubus, suffering heavy casualties. In 1744, it served against the rebels in Upper and Lower Silesia. On November 27, it took part in a skirmish near Plesse where it attacked a force of Austrian cavalry, taking over 200 prisoners. In 1745, at the skirmish of Gross-Strehlitz, it defeated a superior Austrian cavalry force, taking almost 300 prisoners. On September 28 at the skirmish of Oderberg, it overthrew an enemy dragoon regiment and took a standard and over 100 prisoners. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

30mm War of the Spanish Succession Austrian Kálnoky Hussars (Spencer Smith miniatures)

More of my Spencer Smiths.

30mm War of the Spanish Succession Prussian Szekely Hussars (Spencer Smith miniatures)

I painted sample figures for several regiments of War of the Spanish Succession Hussars and showed them here previously. Here is a full regiment, twenty four figures, of  Prussian Szekely Hussars.

The figures are from Spencer Smith miniatures and have a "toy soldier" feel. None of the details are present on the model. Everything from "Wolves teeth" on the saddle blankets, to bags and lace on busbies has to be painted on. Painting these figures is a lot more work than painting conventional wargame figures, where detail is on the model and often raised to make painting easier. It takes a long time to turn these ugly ducklings into swans.

Monday, November 28, 2016

28mm Napoleonic British Household Cavalry (The Blues & Royals)

The British had a lot of cavalry during the Napoleonic wars. Unfortunately most of it was at home. Happily, the Household Cavalry; the Horse Guards and the Life Guards, (the "Blues" and the "Royals"); came out to play in the Peninsula and at Waterloo. Here they are in their spiffy Waterloo uniforms.

They have a pretty uniform today which includes a Cuirass. If you have a chance to see them at the Trooping of the Colour you will find the experience rewarding. You might even see this bloke from the Auxiliary Grenadiers!

The metal is from Elite miniatures. They have a fantastic range. They have outlets in the UK and Australia.

The Household Cavalry (The "Blues")

The "Blues" and "Royals" together

The Life Guards (The "Royals")

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

28mm Napoleonic Westphalian Guard Cheveauleger (Elite miniatures)

More loveliness from Elite miniatures. The trumpeters are particularly nice. The regiment actually had a single squadron of lancers and three armed with swords. I've done them with two squadrons of lancers for visual appeal.