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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

30mm War of the Austrian Succession Prussian Wartenberg Hussars (Spencer Smiths)

I am a sucker for a pretty uniform. I think white looks lovely when contrasted with other colours. That is why I chose to paint the Prussian Wartenberg Hussars.
The Kronoskaf web site is a nice resource to research 7YW regiment's uniforms and history. The history of a regiment often spans earlier and later periods. Here are the details of this regiment's history.
The first 5 squadrons of the regiment were raised in 1740 from 2 squadrons contributed by the 1st Hussar and from new recruits under the command of Colonel Friedrich Asmas von Bandemer.
In 1742, the regiment was completed up to 10 squadrons. 
During the War of the Austrian Succession, soon after its creation in 1740, the regiment went into action. On August 1, it was ambushed at Kloster Leubus, suffering heavy casualties. In 1744, it served against the rebels in Upper and Lower Silesia. On November 27, it took part in a skirmish near Plesse where it attacked a force of Austrian cavalry, taking over 200 prisoners. In 1745, at the skirmish of Gross-Strehlitz, it defeated a superior Austrian cavalry force, taking almost 300 prisoners. On September 28 at the skirmish of Oderberg, it overthrew an enemy dragoon regiment and took a standard and over 100 prisoners. 

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