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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

28mm Napoleonic Spanish Line infantry and Foreign Regiment Irlanda

28mm Napoleonic Spanish line infantry and Irlanda foreign regiment. The figures are from Elite miniatures except for the flautists and sappers,which are from Front Rank.

The first and second battalions of the Irlanda Foreign Regiment

The designs painted on Grenadier's hat "bags" is a nice feature. Only first battalions have grenadiers. It just so happens I've done mainly the first battalions in this batch.

There are ten other battalions so far. I think I have 40 to do in total. There are also 4 battalions of Guerillas. 


  1. These are absolutely superb. I too have quite a few Spanish battalions featured on my blog of old Connoisseur castings and it is amazing how similar in pose and look they are to the very fine Elite Miniatures range.

  2. Thanks, Carlo. Peter Morby, of Elite, used to work as a sculptor for Connoisseur. That is why the figures are similar.

    Is your blog "With Pajamas through a whiff of grapeshot!"?

  3. Are you in Australia?

    BTW, I have set up a Calpe page on facebook. Just search for Calpe miniatures. If you have any pics to post there I hope it will help spread the word about Calpe. They don't do a lot of advertising.