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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

30mm War of the Spanish Succession Prussian Szekely Hussars (Spencer Smith miniatures)

I painted sample figures for several regiments of War of the Spanish Succession Hussars and showed them here previously. Here is a full regiment, twenty four figures, of  Prussian Szekely Hussars.

The figures are from Spencer Smith miniatures and have a "toy soldier" feel. None of the details are present on the model. Everything from "Wolves teeth" on the saddle blankets, to bags and lace on busbies has to be painted on. Painting these figures is a lot more work than painting conventional wargame figures, where detail is on the model and often raised to make painting easier. It takes a long time to turn these ugly ducklings into swans.


  1. I don't think that anyone who has never painted SSM figures will ever appreciate what you have done there. I have painted and seen quite a few in my time and these are far in excess of what I thought possible.

    Considering how difficult it is even to paint a straight waistbelt or facing this just leaves me speechless. Superb painting that moves these figures to different level. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks John! Nice to be appreciated. This is a mad annex to an eccentric hobby :-)

  2. Just been having a view of your blog, the quality of your brushwork is simply superb, but I have never seen SSM cavalry look better than these. I had a few in the 1970s, even spoke to Mr Spencer-Smith on one occasion. It would have been wonderful for him to have seen what you have achieved! Congratulations.