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Monday, October 12, 2015

Dave Allsop figures French line infantry painted as 94th, 95th and 112th line

I have some figures from the late, great, Dave Allsop. Dave worked on a range of French, Austrian and Russian figures before his untimely death in the United States. These are some of the French figures. The figures have separate heads and many different heads to use. In addition to Dave's heads, I used quite a few from my "swap box" to add variety.

I don't think you can get these figures any more. The fit in quite nicely with the likes of Bicorne and Firing line.


  1. Lovely figures! Great looking collection btw!

  2. The Alsop figures are gorgeous! How do they compare against Front Rank for size and heft?

  3. They are on a par with Connoisseur, Bicorne and (sort of) Elite. FR figures are chubby beginning of campaign figures. Elite would be a couple of months in. The rest are typical campaign weight.