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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

28mm Napoleonic Dutch Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard

I painted the whites on these figures with oil paint because I wasn't satisfied with the "whiteness" of the Vallejo white I'd used. Then I glossed them with Damar varnish, which is a natural resin. I just fancied using these materials. I really like the depth of colours with this finish. The red looks particularly fine to my eye.

The figures are from Front Rank. They have a very nice range with lots of variety. Compared to Connoisseur they look like they followed the burger van on campaign which would be eminently sensible.

I love the dappled horse I did for these. It has taken me years to get this right.

I forgot the chevrons. So I will have to go back and do that now!


  1. They look superb! I just starteded to paint my 2nd unit of Old Guard Grenadiersas the 2nd Regt, but will have to add the 3rd (Dutch) myself eventually, especially after seeing these!

  2. Excellent looking Grenadiers and the dappled horse is very nice too.