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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

28mm Napoleonic Prussian and Russian line

The Russians are from Warlord (plastics) and the Prussians are from Perry (plastics again). Flags are thrown in with each set so I put them on. There is virtually nothing to the figure assembly for either set.

The Perry figures come with six volunteer Jaeger which I've used as skirmishers. Head gear for the figures is either a cap (for VJs), a shako (for either VJs or the line) and undress caps for the line. Generally I field Prussians as 32s so this set gives me one battalion, and extra base, and a skirmisher unit. This is how it works out for In The Grand Manner, which is my rule set of choice.

For the Warlord Russians you can choose plumed or unplumed shakos. So you can make Musketeer or Grenadier battalions. The Warlord Russians have a weird officer. If I were painting more I'd use another figure in his place as he is too distinctive.

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