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Thursday, June 5, 2014

28mm Napoleonic Grenadiers à pied of the Imperial Guard

These figures are from Front Rank. It was the sight of their fantastic ragged Old Guard battalion, on the FR web site, which turned me on to their style of sculpting. Plus they have a lot of variety to mix into units. When you add in guys with bare heads, different head gear, full/campaign dress, and a selection of officers you get a very interesting unit. I ended up buying enough figures for seven Guard battalions including the Dutch, which you have already seen, and some advancing figures which remind me of a painting of the French Imperial Guard at Eylau.

This Grenadiers have an obligitary Guardsman in stripey trousers.

The figures have been finished with Damar varnish. The stuff takes weeks to dry. But it seems to add some depth to colours. I won't use it very often because of the hassle. I am planning to use this varnish, over oil paint, for my Epic 40K Tyranids. I will be painting them in aposematic colours.


  1. Another wonderful looking unit. I agree about Front Rank - very nice figures which have the right combination of detail and ease of painting in mind. That said, your brushwork is flawless as always. Best, Dean