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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

28mm Bolt Action Italian Paracadutisti

I have two or three of these boxes of the splendid Bolt Action Italian paratroopers. I recently started a thread on The Miniatures Page asking about Italian paratroop camouflage and got a wealth of information. I've only painted one pattern here but I will be painting other patterns on the other boxes and then making mixed sets, which will look better and hopefully be more realistic. I went with blue "Luftwaffe" trousers here as they look great. I will do the same for the other sets except perhaps for a few pairs of field grey - you can over do a good thing.

The first image is cropped so you can see the pattern very clearly. It has been painted very precisely, which took a long time, but the whole thing is a bit dark to see in photos.  I am loath to change something just because it doesn't look as good in photos as it does in real life. This is another reason for painting other, lighter, examples of patterns on the other sets and mixing them up. I think the contrast will also look good and lift the appearance, in photos as well as in life, of the whole unit.

One final note. Some of the paras had certain jackets which were plain green. So I have done them that way.

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