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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Württemberg Jäger zu Pferd Regiments Herzog Louis and König

These lovelies are from Firing line miniatures (Bicorne miniatures sell them). I love an umlat in the morning - so much so that I've ended up doing the Württemberg cavalry with Front Rank as well as Firing line miniatures. Not sure if I've taken snaps of the Front Rank yet. I have a lot of photos yet to upload, so they could be in there.

The nice thing about Firing line is that the heads are separate which makes it easier to convert them. Firing line sell separate heads. You can get baldies and beardies as well as guys in forage caps and with bandaged heads.

Württemberg Jäger zu Pferd Herzog Louis

Württemberg Jäger zu Pferd König

Both units together. Chaaaaaaarge!