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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

28mm Napoleonic Russian Musketeers, Grenadiers, Jagers in greatcoats with skirmishers

Here are some more of my Elite miniatures Russians. These chaps are in great coats (except for the skirmishers). I have 23 battalions of line in great coats and another four militia armed with muskets. They won't all fit into my light box at once. I also have 36 skirmishers.

I've finished 4 units of Guard and 8 or so line in regular uniforms. I think the pictures of these are on the blog. All in all there are 70-80 units of Russian infantry. I guess I have done almost half.

I like to do quite a few shades and colours of great coats in order to make these units look interesting. The hat lace style is something I picked up from Mansfield wargamers when doing Russians. As you can see, Elite have some figures in fatigue caps and with bare heads which also looks nice. There is a lot of great stuff in the Elite miniatures range. The figures are not well known. So they are nice to have on the table. There is an Elite miniatures (HQ) in the UK and another in Australia.

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