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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

28mm Napoleonic French Gendarme d'Elite

These are from Bicorne miniatures. I don't know if they are Bicorne or Connoisseur figures. Bicorne carries Bicorne, Connoisseur and Firing line. Gringo 40s do Gendarme d'Elite too . As do Perry. Not sure if Front Rank do them. I painted these because they are classics and remind me of the Wargames Holiday Center. Go visit the WHC if you get the chance. They are in Berkshire, UK, not far from London. They have a web site.

I saw someone else painted them here

and another one here, with snaps of re-enactors

Check out these Horse Grenadiers (at the back) from another blogger. I must have some. They look great in sky blue capes.

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