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Monday, March 14, 2016

28mm Napoleonic Baden, Bavarian, Saxon trumpeter conversion

A lot of "old school" ranges are missing key figures. Back in olden times you had to make these figures yourself by converting other figures. That was part of the hobby.

Here are some Baden Hussar, Bavarian Cheveauleger (I have two of these regiments) and Saxon light cavalry.


  1. These look fantastic. Would love a step by step on how you did these if you ever get a chance - YOUR COLLECTION IS SUPERB!

  2. Thanks, Carlo.

    The trumpet is one piece of wire for the shaft. Where you see the wider end, that is a the same wire coiled around and then hammered and shaped into a cone.

    Then I wrap copper wire (because I have this thin stuff) around the shaft to represent the rope which goes around a trumpet, providing a grip. Next I make the mouth piece with green stuff (easy).

    I have to chop off the trooper's sword and part of his hand. I drill into the amputated shaft and araldite a wire in there which will be a base upon which the new hand (holding the trumpet) will be created.

    I create the hand with more araldite and green stuff and then attach the trumpet (which this new hand is gripping). The "guard" on the trumpet is wire which is shaped and clued on last.

    These trumpeters needed epaulets which I made from araldite with green stuff out onto it.

    There are flaws but you can fix them up when you do the paint job.

    Bicorne miniatures actually sell trumpets. But it was a bit of fun to do this.

  3. That's a great bit of craftsmanship indeed. I have never heard of using araldite with green stuff. Do you premix it together or coat the greenstuff with the glue afterwards?

  4. I am afraid that green stuff alone will fall off. So I first build up an area roughly with araldite. I score it with a knife when it is dry and finish with green stuff on top. Where possible I have pins through the model into the bits I am attaching.