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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

WAS Spencer Smith 30mm Prussian infantry regiment No. 1 Winterfeldt

These are some Spencer Smith miniatures 30mm War of the Austrian Succession figures painted as a battalion of Prussians. Spencer Smith figures are very basic. If you want detail you must paint it on. Painting these figures is a kind of art. It is much harder to paint them than Front Rank or Perry miniatures. But they have an old school grace to them.

The pictured unit is populated according to the "Charge!" rule set. Line infantry have 48 men, 1 mounted officer and four other command. I've done an extra officer because I like the variety. He can stand and watch if it comes to a game.


  1. I painted these figures for Peter Johnston when they were added to the range. I think you have done a remarkable job on these (far better than I did). The waistcoats are superb and unusual to see such crisp edges to everything without black lining.

    By the way I have a lot Dave Allsop sculpts in my 20mm SCW armies and nobody catches the feel of the period like he could.

    1. Thanks for those kind words, John.

      I am working my way through the SSM figures. Next up will be some of their heavy cavalry. Also working on 7 Battalions of Dave Allsop 28mm Naps. All in glorious gloss-o-vision!