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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

28mm Black Brunswickers

With the anniversary of Waterloo approaching I can appreciate Napoleon's cry, in the film "Waterloo", of "I need zoze men!". We have had two hundred years to prepare for this day. I still have units to finish. I have yet to do the horses for my Brunswick cavalry, which consists of 32 Hussars and 8 Lancers, are without horses.

All of these figures are form Elite miniatures.

The horse artillery. 

Lieb Garde and Avant Garde skirmishers

There are seven battalions, including the Lieb Garde, and two skirmisher screens.

It is hard to see the highlights on the black in photos. They are there! I think that the key thing about painting black is that it should still look black after a highlight, not grey.


  1. Brilliant brush work! Your 28mm Black Brunswickers look impressive!.... marvelous...

    1. The bases look like to me, 60mm by 40mm for 8 infantry and 60mm x 20mm for 2 skirmishers?

  2. Fantastic, they look wonderful!

  3. Your Elite Brunswickers look fantastic! Stunning collection.

  4. Excellent work! Brunswickers have style, for certain. :)

  5. Superb looking Brunswickers. Black is a hard one to highlight properly - you've certainly executed this excellently here.

  6. Thanks everyone. I appreciate your encouragement. For me, the Uhlans are the most pretty element of the Brunswick army. Hope to get those finished in time for the big day.

  7. Very nice work indeed. Love the Brunswickers!!