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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We be Vivandières three

I have some Napoleonic figures from the late, great, Dave Allsop. So far I've only painted up three battalions as the Guard du Paris (two units) and Irish Legion. Now I have two units of Swiss and five units of French on the go.

Dave also made these Vivandières. I had a hunt through pinterest and got inspiration. I may park one with a standing French regiment. I have some Front Rank French Imperial Guards in this attitude.

BTW, there is a wonderful song "We be soldiers three" sung by the Deller Consort  which gave me the idea for the title here. Hunt it down if you have the chance.

1. We be soldiers three
Pardona moy je vous an pree1
Lately come forth of the low contry
With never a penny of mony.2
2. Here, good fellow, I'll drink to thee
Pardona moy je vous an pree
To all good fellows wherever they be
With never a penny of mony.

3. Here, good fellow, I'll sing you a song,
Sing for the brave and sing for the strong,
To all those living and those who are gone,
With never a penny of mony3

4. And he who will not pledge me this
Pardona moy je vous an pree
Payes for the shot what ever it is
With never a penny of mony.

Charge it againe boy, charge it againe,
Pardona moy je vous an pree
As long as there is any inck in thy pen,
With never a penny of mony.


  1. Lovely additions to the Napoleonic camp.

  2. These look great, what is manufacturer and what scale??

  3. They were made by a chap called Dave Allsop who is unfortunately no longer with us. He made some lovely Napoleonics and a few of these character figures. The scale is 28mm.