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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Perry and Elite Napoleonic Highlanders of 42nd and 79th Regiments

I have had three units of Highlanders 'on the go' for months. I have been trying various ways of painting the kilts. This is what I have finally come up with. I have not finished with basing yet as I have to order some 'tufts' of grass from Germany. The first images are of a battalion of Perry Napoleonic Highlanders.

I have one Elite miniatures Highlander casualty on this base as a point of interest.

Next up are a battalion of the 42nd Highlanders. These figures are from Elite miniatures.

I got loads of casualties with this battalion. There were four lying down, and another four-six (haven't checkd) falling. I have to wonder if Elite just give you what they have lying around!

People love Elite miniatures because they are very dynamic. The figures are marvelous considering they must have been designed fifteen or twenty years ago.

I had quite a job finding spots to fit in all the casualties.

I don't flag my Napoleonics as I don't have a permanent Wargames home. There is no gaming in Bangladesh. Here is the third battalion. The 79th Highlanders with Elite miniatures.

I now have six battalions of highlanders; two 42nd, one 74th, two 79th, and one 92nd. There are two 48s and four 40 man battalions. It may seem like a lot, but who knows when you may want to fight out a theoretical Scottish civil war at 1:10.

The stuff on the bases is crushed sea shells. The Itinerant gamer had a tutorial on basing where he mentioned 'budgie grit' as a basing ingredient. Further investigation told me that this was crushed sea shells. I went to our local beach and bought strings of shells which are sold as souvenirs. We crush them in a pestle and mortar. A courser mix is used for larger figures, a finer mix for smaller scales.

Thanks for looking.



  1. As I said on TMP - I'm truly impressed with how you executed the 79th's tartan. Very well done and convincing. Dean

  2. These are lovely,
    I have the same Elite figures staring at me from my lead pile

  3. The Elite Miniatures you have painted are fantastic. I make the figures here in Australia for Peter Morbey and have not seen the Highlanders painted as well as you have.

    Great work