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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Napoleon crossing the Alps

I must have had this mini for ten years. I think I got it at a Salute show many moons ago. I don't even know who made the figure. Napoleon is depicted as in the famous painting by Jacques-Louis David.

I painted the figure some months ago and only just got around to painting the horse. I base coated the horse gray, oil painted it paynes gray, dragged off the oil paint after a time, dappled the result. I didn't like how it turned out so I dry brushed over the dappling to make the result more subtle. The images have come out a bit darker than the mini is in reality.

I am not sure what I will do with the mini now. It will have to be mounted individually. I painted this figure at my painting studio in Bangladesh "Reinforcements by Post."

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  1. Hi,

    Nice work on this figure. I love the David painting, as do many others - it's one of the most common images found on book covers on things Napoleonic - and it's easy to see why: it captures the 'lace and big hats' vibe, of flamboyance combined with dramatic action. I have it as the screensaver/backdrop on both my iphone and ipad!

    I believe the figure was sculpted by one of the Perry twins, who (as far as I know) quite regularly do the Salute 'specials'. I've been away from the hobby for about 20 years, and have only been back into it know about 2-3 years, so the figure was created and released during my hiatus. When I started getting back into it I went on a quest: not even knowing if such a figure such existed, I assumed it almost certainly would, at some scale.

    In my quest I ended up finding a few other minis based on famous paintings or descriptions from books, such as an Historex 54mm Austerlitz model scenario, and a two-figure 15mm pack by Spanish co. Warmodelling (formerly Fantassin, I think), depicting Boney with an ADC, the former sat down in a chair, resting one foot on a drum, which pose comes from Vereschagin's painting of Napoleon at Borodino.

    I intend to have larger scale figures for each key commander when I finally get to the point of gaming my chosen battle (Maloyaroslavets & Smolensk, Russia 1812), and this will certainly be the Boney one!