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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Britannia miniatures 20mm British Paras

I have had these lads sitting around since 2004. That is a long time to spend circling the landing zone ;-) Eventually everything bubbles up to the top of the lead mountain. These brave soldiers have finally parachuted into action. I don't know how many I have painted, but there are a lot. I probably bought a couple of brigades in Command Decision terms.

The figures are from Britannia miniatures. I love these figures and have thousands from their World War 2 range. Their web site is

I don't know what happened with this piat. For some reason part of the barrel has been painted like jacket on a Vickers HMG. Have to get to work on that!

The officer with the brolly, from the film 'A Bridge too far', is in the photo below.

I posted some pictures of British Paras in 6mm yesterday. You can find some pictures of my 54mm Paras over on my old blog here Gamer in Exile

Here are some pictures of some 15mm British Paras I finished a few weeks ago.

Thanks for looking.


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