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Saturday, December 31, 2011

10mm Napoleonic Bavarians, French (Dutch) and Russians

Here are some Bavarians, French (Dutch) and Russians which I've based for Le Feu Sacre (apart from the Pavlov Grenadiers who don't lend themselves to this sort of basing).

I am thinking of offering ready painted Napoleonic armies in 10mm. I have fallen in love with the Le Feu Sacre rules, which I find better than others I've tried for a club game, where you may only have a few hours.

This is my effort to check out Magister Militum (Bavarians and Dutch Lancers), who I might buy the figures from, as well as to try out LFS basings for 10mm - or at least my rendition of it.

Someone donated the other figures which I've painted when they were left over from their project. These figures are from Old Glory's "Magnificent Little Toy Soldier Company" range. They are very cheap when you buy them with an Old Glory army card (40% off). The infantry are fantastic, if you change your basing system to suit their strip size. That is what I've done with my War of the Spanish Succession armies. But they won't work for Le Feu Sacre, where there are some significant points to relative base sizes.

Dutch "Red" lancers of the Imperial Guard

Napoleonic Bavarian infantry
Pavlov Grenadiers
Russian artillery
Russian Cuirassier
Russian Hussars

Russian Uhlans
Russian Uhlans of the Polish Regiment

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