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Thursday, November 11, 2010

HAT 28mm Plastic Prussians

HAT sent me some of their plastic Prussians. Here they are, based up for "In The Grand Manner."

Others have already made comparisons of the size of these figures in relation to other miniatures (see here.) I won't say much about assembly except to mention that most figures are two part castings; a back pack piece and then the rest of the figure. It wasn't a big deal to take them off the sprue and clean them up.

I think the detail on the is are good. HAT already make Bavarians and some French. I think the figures cost about ten pounds a box. There are 32 figures in a box.


  1. Nicely painted - very detailed.


  2. Very nicely done,
    Just what I need, a range of big plastic Prussians crying out to be bought!

  3. Thanks. They are very economical figures, but quite nice, and easy to paint. I think this will do a lot to get big armies on the table.