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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crusader 28mm WW2 British, Germans and Russians

I have been a big fan of Crusader WW2 figures for a long time. I bought them in wild excess, from shows, from flea markets, and even traded for them. I just haven't gotten around to painting them until now! Oh well, eventually everything bubbles up to the top of the lead pile.

I like to paint the Soviets in a variety of colours, to reflect their ragged appearance. If you look at pictures of Soviet soldiers, not the posed ones!, you can see that variety of shades is greater than in other contemporary armies. Tops and bottoms often mismatched.

I made these fences after seeing some nice terrain at Salute earlier this year. I have also made some barbed wire obstacles, using scale barbed wire you can buy at shows.

I will probably start selling these as ready painted, both to reduce my collection and so I can diversify into some BAM / Warlord figures to create (even more) variety. Price will probably be $4 per figure, with $5 for the Paras in Cammo. This is a lot cheaper than sending the figures out to me to be painted. BTW, these are at my Museum standard.

I picked up three 28mm German vehicles along the way. I will be trying my hand at these soon.

1 comment:

  1. Nice pics Neil :-)

    I've found they mix well with BTD, West Wind's SHS types and Battle Honours Early War Soviets and Germans (done by their second sculptor and larger than the Mid-Late War stuff they started with)...