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Sunday, January 22, 2017

28mm Napoleonic Saxon Heavy Cavalry (Connoissur miniatures)

For people who have visited the Wargames Holiday Center in the UK (now in Berkshire) some  units are evocative. I will always remember their Saxon Heavy Cavalry, made with Connoisseur miniatures. Connoisseur, now sold by Bicorne miniatures, was started by the late, great, Peter Guilder. The figures have great proportions. They look good today - even alongside contemporary ranges.

These figures present certain difficulties to the modeller. In the rush to introduce ranges manufacturers skipped over musicians and other figures we count on today. You only get an officer and a trooper. Forget about getting figures in a variety of poses. In olden times this was not a problem as people could make their own. You try to tell kids today and they don't believe you...

Here are the Saxon Guard du Corps

These are the Saxon von Zastrow Cuirassier

Saxon von Zastrow Cuirassier (Connoisseur miniatures)


  1. Agreed! Both regiments are gorgeous. They certainly bring to mind all of those great WHC photos as featured in Miniature Wargames and Wargames Illustrated back in the 1980s. Somehow, the often digitally enhanced photographs (with explosions, etc.) aren't quite the same thing.

    Best Regards,