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Saturday, September 24, 2016

28mm Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Chasseurs a Pied, some British Hussars, and Vistula Legion infantry

Bumper episode. These are all from Elite miniatures.

I had the Chasseurs sitting around for years because there was no commander for them. Had to get him from the UK last trip.

Vistula legion. Very fine figures from Elite. Not many people seem to be aware of the extent of the range.

These are to make up my British Hussars to 24s from 16s, which are too weak.


  1. Really excellent work!
    I have three Vistula Legion battalions from Murawski but plan to sell them in order to get two from Elite, would you be interested in painting them? Don't need them based just painted like these with high gloss vanish. PM me or track me own at Marauder Moments blogspot where I hav ejust posted my Spanish battery by Elite.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Jeremy. Sorry for the delay. I was in Nepal trekking. I can sell you two of the above Vistula Legion battalions. I will buy myself two more when I am in the UK in January. I sell the figures for £6 / figure including the casting, if you are interested.