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Sunday, February 28, 2016

28mm Napoleonic Connoisseur Baden 1st to 4th infantry

Connoisseur miniatures was started by the late, great, Peter Guilder who also brought us the Wargames Holiday Centre. The figures have aged well - at least to my eyes - because their proportions are more in line with humanity than many of the well fed offerings of today.

These figures are not as easy to paint as more recent designs. A lot of things have to be painted on. They sometimes need modification. This is particularly true of the cavalry where musicians, and some other figures, may not be available in the range. Getting these figures onto the table gives an "old school" pleasure.

Bicorne miniatures now sell the Connoisseur range. They go to a lot of UK shows. So you should be able to check out their extensive range in person.

Here I present you with the Baden 1st to 4th line infantry regiments.


  1. Impressive and beautiful regiments!

  2. I agree with you, Connoisseur 25mm/28mm figures and Elite 28mm miniatures, will always add that extra appeal to the eye on the wargaming table top. Basically to remind players/collectors Peter Guilder was a pioneer of Napoleonic miniatures sculpting during early 1970's and he was a guiding force for others who followed his passion and miniature designing etc....

    thanks for sharing your gorgeous painted Baden's, love them!


  3. They look great! I have some Connoisseur Russians and they look great en masse.

  4. Thanks for your kind words. Next up will be some Connoisseur Napoleonic French which I've painted as various of the little contingents.