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Thursday, October 23, 2014

28mm Ancient Cartheginian Libyan Heavy Spearmen

These 28mm Ancient Cartheginian Libyan Heavy Spearmen are from Old Glory USA. They are a work in progress. I had them sitting around for weeks with just the shield designs and highlights to finish. Today I hand painted some sample shield designs; palm trees, lightning, stars, holy symbols, etc. I will have to think about how many I paint per unit.

There are three units. For no very good reason I did two colours of shields per unit so I could see what was what on the battlefield. I actually do them all white in 10mm. If my two tone units get irritating the shields can easily be popped off and moved around.

I like the tartans I have done (just one cloak per unit). I did a load of those on some Old Glory Romano British I mistook for Picts. Doh! I will have to say those are Celts now. Oh well..


  1. A fantastic looking army, beautiful shields and great basing too...

  2. These are splendid! Punic Wars seem to be making something of a comeback!

  3. I never had a decent Ancient army before. Mine were always badly painted bits and bobs cobbled together and then used with other people's generously donated figures. It is very nice to be building up a collection. These things are good for so many years I wished I had done it earlier.

  4. The figures look marvelous...well done sir!

  5. They look great - and a lot of them too!