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Friday, May 30, 2014

28mm Napoleonic Saxon Guard du Corps

Here is the companion unit to the von Zastrow Cuirassier I posted yesterday. These are the Saxon Guard du Corps. I can't decide which of these two regiments is my favorite Napoleonic unit. I have had the chance to lead both units a few times at the Wargames Holiday Center (UK) and it was a pleasure to see them clip-clopping into battle.

You will see that Eureka have a nice casualty figure falling from his horse. Back in olden days you had to do this sort of thing yourself. What a time those folks had in the days before they invented TV and when they had to make their own entertainment ;-) You tell young people today and they don't believe you!

I still have one of each of these regiments in lead from Connoisseur miniatures. Painting those will be a big undertaking as they must be converted. Peter Guilder, the illustrious sculptor, didn't even make trumpeters.

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  1. Beautiful units, once again, love the basing and the casualty...oh, love cats btw!