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Saturday, January 5, 2013

10mm WW2 British Hamilcar Glider (Pendraken miniatures)

This is a Pendraken 10mm Hamilcar glider. It is photographed next to a couple of German Sd. 222 Armoured Cars, which I have airbrushed with three colour camouflage and then dry brushed.

Pendraken shipped a huge order out to me in Bangladesh. Unfortunately the glider was broken in transit. Pendraken kindly offered to send me a replacement part, for the wing which was broken in the middle, but I was too keen to get started. I used some quick bonding metal filled Araldite to glue the wing parts onto the body. This was far harder than I had expected. The resin warped once it was broken. After a day of messing around I finally got it together. I used "green stuff" to smooth over most of the damage. You don't notice any problems because of the strong black/white pattern.

I undercoated the aircraft with airbrushed Vallejo deep bronze green primer, which is great stuff. Then I sprayed on brown, in the RAF heavy bomber pattern. Next I went back to the green areas and sprayed on Vallejo US olive drab while leaving a border in the original, darker, green. After this I used a darker brown to border the brown areas of camouflage.

I took a sheet of paper and drew around the aircraft body. Then, using a ruler, I put on marks for the start and end points of the D-Day black/white markings. Putting this on the aircraft I was able to get roughly symmetrical patterns. After these were painted on, I printed out a variety of sizes of circles for the roundels. Once I had the right sizes, I drew outlines where they were to be. My handiest painter, Mishma, was tasked with painting the roundels for me. Voila!

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