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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My first Spencer Smith figure: Szekely Hussar

I have painted my first Spencer Smith miniature. The figures have very little detail. You have to paint it on, which is the point of buying these simple figures. It is rather like taking an unattractive girlfriend out for an expensive meal. All she really rates is a nosebag and a measure of oats, but giving her the five star treatment makes the evening special. On the other hand, you could save your cash, spend it on the Spencer Smiths, and stay in for the evening.
This lad is from the Prussian Szekely Hussars. The uniform is good for the War of the Austrian Succession, the Silesian Wars and the Seven Years War. I've forgotten a few successions, but you get the drift. Here is is, presented in all his unfashionable shininess.
None of the lace, the flounders, the "teeth" on the Shabraque or the design on the Sabretache is molded on the figure. So it takes a deal of painting. I should touch up those flounders, but I was hasty to get this first man on the parade ground.
I've 58 kilos of these Spencer Smith figures to paint. So I'd better get a move on.


  1. Good start, better painting than mine!


  2. Thanks, Jim. I like your blog. I wish I'd ordered some Spencer ACW while I brought over these figures. They look very nice.

  3. Nicely painted figure, another thousand more and they will look spectacular! :-]

  4. Well, at least my future is mapped out before me!