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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One man and a hot glue gun - 376 figures based in a session

I'm going back through stalled projects and moving them along. Sometimes a project goes on hold because of uniform, or ORBAT, questions which have been thrown up. At other times I put a project on hold because of some laborious task which has to be undertaken.

Basing figures can be a real pain. For 28mm In The Grand Manner (rule set) it can be a problem to fit all the necessary figures onto the base, or to put them in the right spot. That means I can't use my painters to base these figures for me. I wouldn't do that anyway as I'm too particular about basing for ITGM. I have found that a hot glue gun is a life saver for basing. Many of the figures I use don't stand up on their own, so they have to he held in place while glue dries. This is no fun for a 48 man battalion!
The last time I based up figures I overdid it and put myself off for the past year. Most of these figures have been lying around on trays since then.
In this batch there are three forty man, and three thirty two man, British Napoleonic battalions. There are also two Austrian 48 man battalions and two really lovely Spanish 32 man battalions which are conversions made by either Doug Mason or Bill Gaskin. I can't remember who is responsible for these darlings. I bought several bags of them from a friend about ten years ago. There are still a few bags, some Spanish and some Porguguese, waiting for me to buy officers to go with them.
Waiting on my table, to base, are two 32 man Austrian Landwehr battalions, a battalion of 36 Austrian grenzer, two Austrian 48 man battalions, a 36 man Irish Legion battalion. I'm sure I have more trays of unbased figures in a pile somewhere. I'll try not to find them before these are all based, so as not to put myself off with another bout of figure blindness.
At this stage of the basing process I step away and let my cast of thousands take over. They will use crushed sea shells to make the ground work, then dye it with oil paint and dry brush it. I'm still trying to import some Silfor tufts, and flowers, to offset my bases.

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