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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ultra modern Soviet vehicles - after 'dusting' and matt varnish

Here are the same vehicles after they have been 'dusted' (sprayed with pale sand to simulate dust) and then matt varnished, with Vallejo varnish. The effects of the dusting were wiped out by the matt varnish, as was a lot of the contrast. I planned for some of the contrast to go at this stage. The models have turned out as I wanted, but I think that I should dust them after varnishing, so that this effect can be seen.

The colouring is now quite subtle. The vehicles attract the eye; I find myself trying to work out what colour they are. I don't know if I have expressed that very well. They look more interesting than an object which is flat.

When I have a chance to 'dust' the vehicles again I will take a few more photos from a slightly higher angle. I hope that will give you more of an idea what they look like from a gamers eye view.

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