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Saturday, August 28, 2010

My first airbrush efforts 15mm Modern pickups

These are Command Decision 15mm pick up trucks, from Old Glory 25s, which are intended to be used as 'technicals' for modern scenarios in Somalia, Iraq etc. I chose them for my first airbrushing project as they were simple. I have a couple of hundred other vehicles primed and ready to go after this!
I airbrushed the vehicles previously but was not happy with the result. I ended up using a black ink wash over the lot, which improved the job significantly, and then airbrushing in the white 'highlights' again.

I want my work to look like vehicles from the excellent "Troop of Shewe". His vehicles seem to glow. It seems this is achieved by first painting the vehicles in a lighter shade, and then painting parts of the vehicles in the final colour(s) to make them "pop". I undercoated black, as I wanted anything I missed to disappear from sight. Next I hit the vehicles with a very light grey, which was to be the contrast colour. Finally (I thought) I slowly built up patches of white in the 'highlight' areas (just highlighted by contrast to the area surrounding). After a black in wash I repeated the white highlighting.

These photos seem to kill some of the contrast. I will have to fool around with my camera settings.

Next step - cold war Soviet vehicles.

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  1. Hi, nice work coming along there, thanks for the shout out -lol-. I think as you say the pictures probably dont show the detail. Carry on exactly as you are, black undercoat then grey base colour, keep practicing the blown panel technique, ie start on low pressure in the centre and work out the colour to leave the black surround. Then do the same with the white, however i would lighten the grey with white rather white itself.